06/08 Database 7.3 - Item Recovery Traceback

Introduced traceback links to related items for recovery bonuses to the itm_info page.

06/05 Database 7.2 - CSS and DB Schemas

Restructured MSSQL tables, stored procedures, schemas and CSS to improve performance.

06/02 Database 7.1 - Adv. Map Search

Introduced Advanced Map Search.

05/29 Database 7.0 - Connection Pooling

Refactored page structure to support connection pooling and other performance improvements.

05/27 Database 6.7 - Monster Heatmaps

Introduced a monster heatmap toggle to the map_info page.

On zone start, each monster is assigned a position within their spawn area. While the spawn area from this position is rectangular, the distribution exhibits decreasing probability relative to the radial distance from the centerpoint. This behavior continues until the zone server is reset and a new position for each monster is chosen.

I'd like to thank mrj, Playtester, and Doddler for their assistance in researching the implementation of monster spawns, and with additional accolades to Doddler for generating the heatmap images.

05/05 Database 6.6 - Map Background Music

Introduced a background music toggle to the map_info page.

04/05 Bugfix - Skills

Corrected many skill and typographical errors, including:

I'd like to thank mrj & Playtester and Nikua & ckx for identifying the skill and typographical errors respectively.

03/24 Database 6.5 - Mercenaries

Added mercenaries to mon_info monster listing and tracebacks to mon_info, itm_info, and skl_info pages.

03/15 Bugfix - Luk Status Resists

Introduced status duration reduction from enemy luck within status formulae alongside other minor bugfixes, e.g.

01/09 Database 6.4 - Status Effects

Introduced the eft_info lookup page and skill effect icons.


08/21 Database 6.3 - Page Cache

Introduced a cache for page queries.

06/03 Database 6.2 - Jobs

Introduced the job_info lookup page.

05/03 Database 6.1 - Item Skill Traceback

Introduced traceback links to related skills due to item effects or catalysts to the itm_info lookup page.

04/22 Database 6.0 - Skills

Introduced the skl_info lookup page. I'd like to thank mrj for his assistance with skill mechanic research. This update is coupled with minor schema, query, javascript, and architecture rewrites to improve performance.


08/20 Database 5.1 - Adv. Item Search (Combil)

Added item combination scripts to Advanced Item Search (Script).

07/27 Database 5.0 - Map Links

Introduced Map Links on Map Info pages to facilitate navigation between adjacent maps. I'd like to thank RDW for his guidance on this feature's CSS and JS inclusions.

06/25 Database 4.7 - Adv. Item Search (Script)

Introduced Advanced Item Search (Script).

06/23 Database 4.6 - Adv. Item Search (Ammo)

Introduced Advanced Item Search (Ammo).

06/22 Database 4.5 - Adv. Item Search (Weapon)

Introduced Advanced Item Search (Weapon).

06/20 Database 4.4 - Adv. Item Search (Armor)

Introduced Advanced Item Search (Armor).

06/17 Database 4.3 - Adv. Item Search (Heal)

Introduced Advanced Item Search (Heal).

05/30 Public Release and Fansite Submission

Webservice made public and submitted fansite request to Warp Portal (iRO) for approval.

05/28 Database 4.2 - Map Images

Introduced improved map images and graymap toggle on mouseover. I'd like to thank Doddler for providing the improved map images.

05/21 Database 4.1 - Shop Detail

Introduced Shop Detail to map_info lookup page.

05/06 Bugfix - Skill Descriptions

Corrected inaccurate monster skill tooltips:

I'd like to thank Playtester for identifying these inaccuracies.

05/01 Database 4.0 - Skill Tooltips

Introduced skill tooltip summaries on mouseover. The monster info page tooltips source the monster attributes, providing detailed information within the context of the current monster (e.g. offensive skills will include a damage range with reference to the monster's stats). This feature was significantly improved with the help of many individuals;

03/24 Bugfix - Monster Drop Rates

Corrected a drop rate calculation that used a divisor of 10,000 instead of 10,001. This resulted in item drop rates above 50% showing 0.01% higher than intended. I'd like to thank Playtester for identifying this inaccuracy.

This change has been reverted, the drop calculation uses a random number 0-9,999 inclusive (10,000 was correct). I'd like to thank mrj for identifying this inaccuracy.

03/20 Database 3.2 - Adv. Monster Search

Introduced Advanced Monster Search.

02/11 Database 3.1 - Location Tooltips

Introduced tooltips to highlight NPCs location and monster spawns on mouseover.


12/22 Database 3.0 - Cute Pets

Introduced cutepet info (e.g. hunger, intimacy, related links), mon_from_mon, and mon_from_itm links (e.g. DBs and monster summons).

12/18 Database 2.6 - Item & NPC Crafts

Introduced item_making_item info (e.g. OCAs, OPBs, etc.), item_summon_monster info (e.g. DBs, BBs, etc.), item_proc_items (e.g. Mimic Card, Myst Case Card), craft success rates on navigation pages, and misc Javascript and UX improvements. I'd like to thank mrj for his assistance with cooking and potion creation success rate disambiguation.

12/03 Database 2.4 - Quick Search

Introduced quick search navigation. I'd like to thank RDW for his Javascript guidance and mrj, Nikua, and Riku for their UX feedback.

11/22 Database 2.2 - Player Crafts

Introduced crafted item info (e.g. Arrow Crafting, Alchemists, NPC quests, etc.). I'd like to thank mrj for his persistent, and difficult to implement, UX recommendations.

10/23 Database 2.0 - Items

Introduced the itm_info lookup page and episode filter. I'd like to thank mrj, RDW, phaicm, and Nikua for their feedback for this feature.

08/28 Database 1.0 - Monsters & Maps

Introduced the mon_info and map_info lookup pages. I'd like to thank mrj, RDW, and Nikua for their assistance and/or guidance with this feature.


11/14 World Map 1.0 - Resources

Introduced world map navigation. I would like to thank Nikua for assistance with small_map file generation.

10/13 Database Prework

Introduced the database framework for preliminary development.


08/18 SummonList Tables

Introduced ItemSummonList and MonsterSummonList tables.

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